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Overview Gamma Prime strengthened alloy with excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, as well as cryogenic temperatures. Suitable for temperatures upto around 1300 F. Can be readily worked and age hardened. Excellent strength from -423 degrees F to 1300 degrees F (-253 degrees C to 705 degrees C). Age hardenable and may be welded in fully aged condition, Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1800 degrees F (980 degrees C). Typically sold in the solution annealed temper, but can be ordered aged, cold worked, or cold worked & aged. Applications Uses for this alloy tend to be in the field of gas turbine components and cryogenic storage tanks. Jet engines, pump bodies and parts, rocket motors and thrust reversers, nuclear fuel element spacers, hot extrusion tooling. Other popular uses are high strength bolting, and down hole shafting.


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